Vonage Cloud-Earth

How your business connects with the world can make or break your organization’s goals. Is your phone system at its best? Are you able to seamlessly forward calls to guarantee providing the best customer service possible? Is your organization using the cloud to help facilitate growth? Whether your company is implementing some of the latest cloud technology or not, Vonage has business solutions to help your business run smoothly.

With Vonage, your business will have access to leading cloud-based technology. Their network is secure and fully managed 24/7 by their own nationwide Network Operations Centers. Your voice and data will be on a completely private IP network eliminating the risks associated with public internet connections. In addition to security, your organization will benefit with advanced back office systems enabling provisioning/monitoring systems and customer/agent portals. Accountability, visibility and communication will be streamlined while building trust throughout your company. Vonage has Voice, Internet, Private WAN, Web Collaboration, Video, Private SIP Trunking, and Mobile Integration technology to take your business communication to the next level.

If you’d like to explore how your company may implement a Vonage solution and take advantage of the technology available, Cottonwood Communications will help! We’ll meet with you to identify the best option for your company. Contact Ted to learn more!

Photo Credit: Vonage