MHO Metro Ethernet

Secure, reliable, fast… what you want from your wireless connection. With MHO’s advanced point-to-point microwave technology, you are guaranteed unhindered connectivity. Use VoIP, apps, access HD video, and more with seamless internet.

Denver-based MHO brings over 15 years experience providing wireless, high-speed Ethernet. Customers have found their service to be competitive and oftentimes better than fiber. By incorporating MHO wireless into your businesses operating plan, you can be confident that you and your staff will avoid unnecessary interruptions due to internet issues. Their scalability allows you to expand with your company’s needs and is FCC licensed as well as backed by the DOD (Department of Defense).

If you’d like to improve your business’ internet connection, go wireless, or find out how your organization could benefit from MHO’s system, Cottonwood Communications will help! Ted will give you the best solution for your needs!

Photo Credit: MHO