PGi iMeet

What do you have in place to assure your audio or video conferences are a success? How about Webcasts? Most collaboration tools require downloads, plug-ins, and may take time to set-up and implement. We’ve all had that moment where someone wasn’t able to access that important meeting because they needed to update their software…

PGi has simplified collaboration on all fronts with their innovative software solutions. Whether you need a last-minute audio conference, weekly web + video conferencing, or are hosting a webcast with thousands of attendees, their virtual platform allows you to connect with others via phone, tablet, or computer. With the world’s smartest mobile business productivity app, you may join conference calls in one click.

Businesses using PGi’s leading online software have seen increased productivity from their teams, better time management and boosted their profits. If you’d like to explore how PGi’s solutions fit your business, contact Ted. He will assess your needs and match you with the best services for your organization.

Photo Credit: PGi