Desktop as a Service is a relatively new concept to most of us. It’s one of the newer concepts under the banner of “Cloud Computing”. It’s exciting by the many freedoms that it gives us as business owners, but a bit scary at the same time. In this short post I want to explain some of the advantages of a DaaS solution but also cool and calm some of your fears as well. I’ve had an opportunity to spend some time with the folks at Virsage over the last month. Chris Dodge and his team have historically been an IT support shop, but they began to see the writing on the wall about 4 years ago when they developed a DaaS app called Workplace.

With Workplace you never need to buy another server for your business. Taking from their website, “Workplace is a comprehensive cloud-based solution that gives you access to your line of business applications, email and files from any PC, Mac, iPad or smart phone. Virsage WorkPlace includes Microsoft Office, remote access from anywhere, daily backups, and professional support at a low monthly cost with no hardware investment. Because WorkPlace is a hosted monthly service, upgrades and feature enhancements ensure you never have to worry about your technology platform becoming obsolete.” For a better and more detailed explanation check out this 5 min You Tube clip.

I mentioned the “scary” word earlier. Change is always a bit scary, but to keep up in this fast paced world we need to embrace it and move forward. This solution has so many advantages that any concerns I have are squashed.

Cloud computing is here and it’s not going away. Because of the cost savings, the security, and confidence of knowing that all of my businesses data is backed up in a SAS 70, secure data center this is looking like a stellar directions to go. After doing a demo and playing around with Workplace I am sold. Have you heard of BYOD or Bring Your Own Device? You and your employees can access the information you need from your iPad, smart phone, desktop or laptop regardless of where you are (in the world). Tough to beat!

If you have any questions or wish to get a quote – Cottonwood Communications is now a Virsage partner.