Server Room

Photo Credit: Leonardo Rizzo

Are you using the right technology for your business? Cottonwood Communications offers custom services designed specifically for you. We analyze and improve cloud, telecommunications, Internet and WAN services so your business can exceed its goals and continue to grow.

The technology companies use are a fundamental component to day-to-day operations. From VoIP to WAN, Cottonwood Communications will assess your needs to customize the best solution. Which of the below services do you currently use or would you like to integrate into your business?


Momentum, Comcast, Evolve IP, Vonage

  • Simplify your company’s phone and internet solution by combining on the same facility. Multiple hosted platforms are also available (Polycom and Cisco handsets).


CenturyLink, Comcast, Zayo

  • Bandwidth solutions customized for your business (Internet and WAN Connectivity, Cloud Services, Dark Fiber, IP Services)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


  • Virtual Computing Resources

Cyber Security


  • Meet legal, HIPAA and PCI guidelines, and receive professional representation with ever-changing civil and federal laws governing Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

Data Centers

FORTRUST, CenturyLink, CorKat Data Solutions, LLC

  • House your company’s IT infrastructure and safeguard critical information.

Audio & Webcasting


  • Use state-of the-art technology to meet with clients and customers.

Miliary Grade Wireless

MHO Networks

  • Top of the line internet and office-to-office Ethernet connectivity when traditional fiber service is unavailable.

Managed & Professional Services

PeakUptime, E PLEXITY

  • A la carte business services to fulfill your technology needs.

By offering cutting-edge solutions with industry-leading partners, we are helping businesses navigate the technology maze on a daily basis. Contact Ted to see how we can help you!