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Does your business utilize Communications Infrastructure services, colocation, or cloud services? Are your technology systems optimized for your business needs? Our partnership with Zayo allows us to bring a variety of services to improve your organization’s technology plan.

A global provider of bandwidth infrastructure, Zayo expanded their service capacity by assuming network oversight and support responsibility for EAGLE-Net Alliance (“EAGLE-Net”). Its network provides connections to libraries, government and healthcare facilities, as well as advanced research and education networks. By acquiring this Colorado intergovernmental entity, Zayo has the advantage in supporting all of the above businesses as well as those operating in rural areas.

By utilizing Zayo’s carrier-neutral data centers your business has access to colocation and cloud services. Their 100,000-mile network in North America and Europe connects thousands of buildings and data centers. Zayo’s dark fiber, wavelength, Ethernet and other connectivity solutions are changing the technological landscape for the world’s leading businesses.

Zayo Solutions
Global Network
Fast access to major markets.

Cloud Infrastructure
Hybrid Iaas providing workload and disaster recovery, storage, IT security and storage, and more.

Dark Fiber
Unlimited bandwidth that is unique, scalable, flexible, secure, cost effective, and customizable. Allows you to manage and control your network.

Data Center & Colocation
53 facilities in 37 markets with over 710K square feet providing carrier neutral connectivity. Colocation provides Cost-effective business continuity and disaster recovery as a result of reliable networking, power and physical security. Connectivity options include metro-interconnection, fiber risers, and cross-connects.

100G Enabled Backbone with 100+Connect Options via 17,500 On-Net Buildings. Zayo’s E-Line (Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint) and E-LAN (Multipoint-to-Multipoint) configurations with dedicated fiber and equipment. Ethernet Private Dedicated Network (E-PDN)

IP Services
2nd Most Peered Network, with 400G Network Backbone and 200 IP POPS. Zayo owns the efficiently scaled underlying infrastructure which provides service in eight countries and 46 U.S. states with broad market coverage, a deep metro footprint and vast data center connectivity 

Mobile Infrastructure
8K+ Tower and Small Cells with 86K+ Near-Net Macro Towers and 21 Major FTT Markets. The availability of Small Cells, Ethernet Backhaul, and Dark Fiber/Fronthaul gives wireless providers scalable bandwidth.

Synchronous Optical Network providing data, video and voice via extremely reliable, secure and dedicated connectivity

1000Tb LIT Service across 50K LIT Route Miles with 5 Leading Low-Latency Routes High capacity and predictable latency consistently allows access for bandwidth-intensive applications.

With all of the advancements in technology, you may be wondering what changes are worthwhile investments. Cottonwood Communications will help you navigate the technology waters and provide you with solutions customized for your needs. Call 303.289.3443 to set up a free consultation.

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