Technology in the hands of businessmen

Gone are the days of basic VoIP meeting the needs of today’s businesses. An advanced solution which not only gives companies mobility, but allows for cloud disaster recovery, toll free numbers, sip trunking, call recording and monitoring lays the foundation for improved customer service, increased ROI while decreasing expense, and measurable performance. Momentum’s VoIP solutions are giving clients an edge in communication.

With business voice, your organization will decrease IT-related expense while increasing office space by eliminating in-house equipment all while taking advantage of leading features and superior voice quality. Only pay for the features your company needs with a solution designed specifically for you!

Your business will connect users on any device, anytime, anywhere by integrating their virtual office solution. Make and receive professional calls on your terms with the use of a virtual number, a smart number, and auto attendant. Their cloud disaster recovery guarantees business continuity and protects your investment!

If you have existing Polycom equipment and would like to make the switch to VoIP, you may qualify for a rebate offer valid thru December 31, 2015. Full details on Momentum’s Trade-In Rebate Program and Buy Back Promotion are available below.

Polycom Trade-In Rebate Program

Polycom Buy Back Promotion

Whether you’re wanting to gradually transition to a more flexible virtual platform, need to upgrade to more advanced offerings, or are ready to take your business’ communication services to the next level, Cottonwood Communications will help you find the best fit. Contact Ted to find out which VoIP solution is right for you.